Manufacturer of CPP and Printed CPP Film
for all types of packaging (economy napkins, etc.)
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Manufacturer of Printed Wrappers for Food Packaging
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Manufacturer of Thermal Films
Matte and Transparent
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Manufacturer of Medical Equipment Packaging Wrappers
Packaging of syringes, bandages and sterile gauze, medicines, etc.
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پلاستیک ماشین الوان






Plastic Machin Alvan

Types of wrappers for packing medical equipment, including syringes, bandages and sterile gauze, medicines, etc.


Types of printed wrappers for food packaging


CPP and Printed CPP film for all types of packaging (economy napkins, etc.)

Thermal Film

Matte and transparent


Plastic Machin Alvan

Plastic Machine Alvan Co. (PMA) was founded in 1996, in a 2-hectare ground in the Eshtehard industrial zone, with the aim of providing the needs of packaging industry, cutting the imports and lowering the dollars exiting from Iran.

At first, printing machines, laminating extrusion and cutting machines were provided from South Korea and installed. Then, using the German technology, CPP device was installed. Since 1998, PMA has provided various CPP films, and food and pharmaceutical products.

Since 1998, almost every 2 years, a new product line has been added to the company and at the moment 4 printing machines, 4 Laminating machines, 2 CPP-film product lines, 2 laminate extrusion product line, 15 cutting machines and a solvent less laminating machine are working in the PMA group.

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Plastic Machin Alvan

Due to the evolution and expansion of science and knowledge in the world, the packaging industry is no exception to this rule and day by day we have witnessed the development and expansion of new science and technology in this industry.

What we are looking for with our 20 years of experience is to move towards progress, innovation and more impact on Iranian markets and then international markets.

What is of great value to Alvan Machine Plastic Company is the quantitative and qualitative development of printing and film machinery. And we have been successful in this over the years. Another point that can be mentioned is the increase of 20% share of the domestic market, in order to meet the needs of customers and subsequently satisfy customers.

Another important issue that we have always been looking for is increasing the share of regional exports. This has been successful so far and we hope to make more progress day by day.

Customer satisfaction with regard to technical, scientific, experimental capabilities and new management systems is one of the important goals of this company.

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