Innovation is defined as the change and transformation of knowledge of design and manufacture of products, presenting new services or making new processes and innovative methods with high efficiency.

One of the most important problems in the subject of innovation is the excitation of competition and its comprehensive effect on our lives. Innovation causes new jobs and considerably helps in gathering important factors for growth, improvement, and strength of the economy of a country. In fact, if we consider the innovation in products, innovation is the result of all processes that serve an idea and help the growth and development of a new product.

Every year, we have made huge and important investments in our R&D unit. As a result, every 6 months, at least one new analysis is introduced to the market, or an old product has been improved. PMA uses up-to-date knowledge and technology to pursue new innovations in the product manufacturing sector. It should be noted that PMA has performed well in many of its products and also manufactures some of the products, exclusively. It means that in many fields, we are no longer relying on imports. This company, relying on its research team, is ready to manufacture all the imported products needed by our customers.

PMA is proud that it has always been able to manufacture up to date and modern products, with appropriate quality and convenient price, to its customers all over the country.

Some of the PMA products are as follows:

  • Aloo Aloo
  • Labels of jelly, easy to open lids
  • Medical smooth and impervious film (medical thermoforming)
  • IML
  • A.B.L pharmaceutical tubes
  • Mineral water bottle caps
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